Rating Your Store from a Shopper’s Perspective-Pt 2

To continue from Pt. 1, it is very important to ‘step outside your store’ and re-entry with a shopper’s perspective. Please review the follow checklist:

Lighting: Is it appropriate for the merchandise?  More than any other variable in retailing today, lighting can create or destroy a store’s competitive edge. Featured products should be highlighted to attract customer attention. Keep your store bright and airy, and make sure all areas are adequately lit—you don’t want any dark corners.

Mechandise Selection: Is your product selection too broad? It’s important to focus your product selection around customer needs—but many stores have a selection that’s far too broad. These retailers try too hard to be all things to all people-Don’t!! Carry what your customers want, don’t spread yourself too thin.

Music: Is there music playing? If so, is it being played for the customers…or for the staff?  Music is a great way to create an inviting atmosphere in your store. It should calm the customer and make them want to stay, not run away.  Also, keep the music volume low—it should never intrude on conversation.

In conjunction with your own evaluation, involve your employees in this process. Have them also review your store – from the eyes of the customer.  Then, put your observations together and see how you can improve your customer’s shopping experience.

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