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7 Ways To Improve Your Customer Service

As a successful business owner, providing excellent customer service should be an obsession! Yet, I find many businesses’ today have taken the ‘service’ out of customer service. This is a great way to LOOSE CUSTOMERS.

Here are 7 customer service tips:

  1. Have a real, live person answer all of your calls- SERIOUSLY.If you cannot have someone answer all your calls, subscribe to a professional service and write a script for the service operator’s. Include that you will return all calls within one business day – and do it!
  2. Return emails within one business day (two days maximum).
  3. Learn to be comfortable introducing yourself by your full name. When meeting in person, look at people directly in the eye, especially when you first meet them and insure you know how to give and reciprocate a firm handshake.
  4. Insure you clearly understand the customer or prospects need and priorities.  Do this by listening sincerely and asking clarifying questions. Listen FIRST and actively listen more than you talk. Ask questions to clarify your understanding of your prospect’s motivation to buy – but do so respectfully and carefully.
  5. Keep agreements you make to the prospect or the customer. When you say you will do something, do it when you said you would do it. Emergencies should be the only exception.
  6. Eliminate negative surprises for the customer. If there is a problem, acknowledge it quickly, apologize if appropriate and do your best to fix the problem to the customer’s satisfaction.
  7. Warning – Don’t expect the customer to understand that you are busy or short staffed. They won’t and they shouldn’t have to.

You may be thinking that this is obvious. Yes, indeed, it is not rocket science. While it may be obvious, the truth is that it is also frequently not practiced.

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