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5 Ways to Deal With Difficult Customers

Coach Ellie’s top 5 Suggestions:

1. Listen and Acknowledge: Patiently listen to what they are saying and let them know that you understand.  You should repeat back to them what you have heard: “I understand that you have not received the package as promised…”
2. Don’t React Emotionally: Let it wash over you, otherwise you will end up in an argument.  You may be on the receiving end of some verbal abuse or insulting comments. Be ready for it and ignore it.
3. Do Not Contradict The Customer: Whatever has happened is 100 percent true for them.  You may not agree with their version but its their version.
4. Apologize: Look the customer in the eye and say, “I apologize” rather than “I’m sorry”.   It’s overused and they hear it too often.
5. Use Empathy: It’s an effective way to deal with the customer’s feelings.  Empathy isn’t about agreement- only acceptance of what the customer is saying and feeling. Use words like, “I understand that you are frustrated…”.

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